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Hello! We are Claudio and Daniela, a photographer and a videomaker.

We have been working together for 20 years, and we have been married since 2003.

We are linked by the love we feel for each other, our sons and our job. Ours is a bond that
was born during our childhood, when we lived only a few metres away from the other and
we spent summer in the same holiday camp. We spent endless afternoons chasing, teasing
each other in the sand, playing, getting angry and hugging just to go back running right after.

Growing up we kept gravitating to each other, still never being able to understand the feeling
that connected us and made us incapable of separating.

Sometimes so close that we could touch our hands, other times so far that we were only bit
players in each other’s life.

The most difficult thing in life is to find the courage of joining hands. And we did, after
Daniela’s eighteenth birthday.

Here we are, together, after 25 years.

Daniela Ronello

I have grown up among rolls, negatives and cameras. When I was younger I never thought I
would have embraced this profession, I admit it. My father is a photographer, and I have
always seen him busy, often spending weekends far from his family. I asked myself why he
was doing that. What was so fascinating about photographing strangers?
Growing up I started following him in photo sessions, and I finally understood. My father did
not just take some photos. He captured peoples’ emotions, froze time and made moments
last for life.
He was the silent keeper of their memories.
There was something in photography that did not completely inspire me, though. Even after
understanding the effort behind it and the value of creating everlasting memories, I felt
something was missing to make it suited to me.
It was only when my father added an analogue module for video making to the studio that I
found the missing pieces and everything went to its place.
I would have followed my father’s footsteps, in my own way.
Videos enable me to tell stories, to quietly sneak into the groom and bride’s happiness, and
create a unique and special bond with them.
Every video that I have the pleasure to make is the occasion to know them and create
something as special as their memories.

Daniela Ronello - White and Black - Asti
who we are: Daniela Ronello is a certified videomaker form Brain Studios school with the excellence certificate “Certified By Brain Studios”.
Claudio Vergano - White and Black - Asti
who we are: Claudio Vergano is qualified with the association ANFM, which certifies his specialisation in wedding photography, and that he follows an ethical code to give quality and reliability to bride and groom.

Claudio Vergano

My story is very different from Daniela’s one. I have grown up among the shadows of a
darkroom and cars have been my first love. I could keep talking about them for hours, and
my wife perfectly knows it. My biggest dream? Having a huge garage to collect vintage cars.
I know this is not what you would typically expect from a photographer. I discovered
photography after marriage, and, as I often say, I first fell in love with the daughter of a
photographer, then with photography itself.
I started taking photos thanks to Daniela’s father: it was Rino who gave me a manual reflex
camera, encouraged me to practise, but most especially to have fun. I started as a game,
partly as a challenge, and I gradually realised that what was only a hobby at first, was
becoming a passion. I began putting effort in it, studying, and gaining experience following
my father in law during photo sessions. He taught me many techniques and transmitted love
for photography that I would not exchange for anything else.

Daniel’s certifications

Brain studios gathers video makers who have studied in their campus and have received the
excellence certificate “Certified by Brain Studios” for having stood out in terms of quality and

certificato di eccellenza "Certified by BrainStudios" - White and Black - Asti

Claudio’s certifications

When you choose to say “yes” to your significant other, that day should be and remain
memorable. Claudio’s role is to capture it with images that will always have the power of awaking memories.

Associazione ANFM - White and Black - Asti

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