Ours is a historical studio: it experienced the alternation of several generations of
photographers, the advent of digital photography and a significant technological revolution.
We changed different locations before we found the one that transmitted us the idea of
We wanted a welcoming, comfortable and warm atmosphere, just like us. To do so we
needed a lot of space.

In 2017 we finally found the ideal place: we planned and furnished it thinking about our
clients’ comfort, paying attention to every detail. It is an open space that we have organised in three separate sections: the first one to welcome customers, the pose room and a sitting area dedicated to couples. This small corner is the most intimate place in the studio, where we can know our clients better and define the service they are looking for, so that we can help them at our best, creating unique and unforgettable memories.

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Lo studio - White and Black - Asti
Lo studio - White and Black - Asti
Lo studio - White and Black - Asti