Faq and information

We will try answering some of the basic questions, just to clarify the procedure we generally


I take mostly spontaneous shoots and some posed.

It is impossible to guarantee that all the guests will be photographed. We will capture everything that happens and fully dedicate ourselves to your party. If you want a photo with someone in particular, you just have to ask and we will be happy to take it.

You can contact me at the address info@whiteandblack.it or come to my studio. If you choose me as photographer, we will sign a contract and you will have to leave a deposit.

For the busiest months (may, june, july, september and october) it is usually necessary to book at least a year in advance. For other months you can book 6 months in advance. It is even easier if the wedding is not on Saturday/ Sunday.

It is only possible for 2-3 days, after that I need you to confirm or cancel. As I receive many requests, I need to give you certain answers and to know exactly if I’m free or not that day.

Yes. I can travel in Italy and even abroad. However, this can lead to variations in the price, even significant, because long distances often require more than one working day.

During my shooting sessions I never count shots. My photographic style consists in photographing everything that happens and the most beautiful moments.

In a full day I collect an average of 500 shots, but it has happened to me to have more or less pictures. It depends on the events of your wedding.

I generally give you the sample in 20 working days time, then it can take up to 6 months for me to give you the final work. This also depends on how long it will take you to give me the green light to proceed.

I do not have particular needs, what is necessary usually comes up when you book your wedding service and generally depends on your necessities rather than mine.

I will do my best to satisfy your requests. When I am asked for a full service until the end of the celebration, I will need to eat something, otherwise I will not be able to give 100% all the time. Depending on the case, I could have an assistant with me.

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

The album we will give you comes from a meticulous research and post production of shoots, in order to obtain a product that is homogeneous in colours, story-line and format.

Adding other photos without these characteristics would not enable us to reach a good quality. However, it is possible to arrange another album with your photos apart from the main one.

No, the prices of the service are not negotiable.

The work of a photographer is made by great effort and big investments in formation and equipment to give you a high quality product. The aim of our high costs is continuous renewal and progress.

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If you still have any questions, or these answers have not solved your doubts, contact us by filling this form, we will contact you back to clarify.